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"My dog Molly was missing for 4 days. Thanks to the helpful advice and tips from MDM my dog was brought home safely. Each day MDM checked in with me to offer support and advice, they made me not only feel like I wasn’t alone in the search of my dog but that my dog was also apart of their family as well. I’m so very thankful for the people that work for MDM and feel blessed to have had them guide me when I needed it the most. MDM staff and volunteers are a god sent to help answer pet owners prayers. Thank you again MDM for everything you guys/girls do on a daily bases, without your organization many pet owners, including myself would be lost along with their pets. I will always be grateful." - Katie M.

"Our family dog, a black lab named Grace, recently went missing. We contacted Missing Dogs Massachusetts thanks to a friend of a friend's suggestion. Bernice called immediately and was so helpful and informative. She gave us many suggestions to help find our girl Gracie. We ended up finding Grace 36 hours after she went missing. Bernice was an angel to our family! We are so grateful for this organization! The volunteers who are willing to help, prove there is good in this world!! Thank you Bernice." -Elizabeth and family

"Marianne was amazing. She responded to our plea for help within an hour. We made a plan and she checked in daily with feedback and tips. She also provided us with hope that we would find our lost dog despite the freezing cold temperatures outside. This helped our morale tremendously as we hung more and more flyers and talked with neighbors. We are so happy Stanley is home and we couldn't have done it without the experienced help of this group. Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!"

"Missing Dogs MA goes above and beyond to help bring a lost dog home. They helped bring our boy home and were not only kind to us as but ultra professional in every way." - Brenda B.

"MDM has always been there to help create a poster for a missing dog, or found dog. I can't imagine the amount of dogs they see missing everyday, and still they are strong, and there, and help with so much in the recovery of these dogs." - Robert E.

"Without the speedy response and dedication of the Missing Dogs of Massachusetts we would never have recovered our newly arrived terrified foster. Matlock managed to slip out on us within an hour of arriving. He ran for 24 hours all over town with many sightings and wouldn't let anyone approach him. I was amazed at the response and level of commitment at all hours of the day and night. Communicating with myself and Animal Control and advising helpful community members MDM managed Matlock's rescue with professionalism and tenderness. Without the skill and hard work of these volunteers I have no doubt he would have stayed on the run until he was killed. I can't begin to express our gratitude!❤" - Lauren L.

"After our pup went missing, I turned to social media for help. Immediately, several people responded by saying I should contact Missing Dogs of Massachusetts (MDM) for help. I had never heard of MDM before that day and wasn't sure what the organization was all about. I was pleasantly surprised. The primary volunteer who worked with my family cared so deeply about my dog that one would have thought that it was her dog who was missing. I am astounded by the number of hours these dedicated volunteers spend searching, trapping, and tracking lost pups in hopes of returning them to their family. Although I am heartbroken to have learned about MDM (the hard way), I am so very thankful for their existence."

"Missing dogs of Massachusetts could not be more wonderful. At all hours were they available to me, when my dog Carley went missing. Volunteers from all over came to help put fliers up. Following all their steps and advice is what got us sighting and Carley home. On day four without a sighting they all were still there for me, as well as, hopeful and informative. They never gave up on us! The time and energy they put in for each and every dog is overwhelming. We can never thank them or give back enough!" - Michelle A.

"This nonprofit organization is made up of an incredible group of volunteers that goes above and beyond to help owners recover thier missing dogs. When a family friend lost her dog and I was trying to help her someone suggested I reach out to MDM. They contacted me immediately and put me in contact with all the right resources. We were able to recover Pegan in only 2 days and he was happy and alive." - Denise S.

"Hi My name is Micah and I'm a lovable and ginormous Great Pyrenees (aka Great DIS-A-Pyrenees). I was living in a shelter and this super nice family decided to rescue me 3 months ago. Unfortunately I was scared and confused about living in a real house so when they went to bed the first night, I jumped out a window and ran away. I ran and ran all over my new town for 3 days. Everyone tried to catch me but I was so scared that I just ran faster. My Mom contacted MDM to help find me and they were really nice and helpful from the start. They came to my house and set up cameras and food (yeah!) and a trap (a really big, totally safe trap). They helped my Mom with picture flyers and social media and even stayed up super late to help with the cameras and answer a million questions. After 3 days, I came back to my new house and was trapped in my yard, but I didn't care, I was tired and dirty and scared to be alone outside. Thanks MDM for helping me find my way back to my hew home. I'm really happy in my new life and I wouldn't have made it back to my pack without you. Love, Micah xo" - Tricia M.

"MDM is the only reason I have my dog today. She came to me at 2 y.o. extremely frightened and unwilling to approach any humans and bolted out an open door at the first opportunity. The volunteers I worked with at MDM were always readily available and empathetic to our plight. They gave us clear instructions and guidance to get her back without expecting anything in return." - Susan T.

"MDM is not just a facebook site to post about a lost dog like many other lost pet sites. They guide owners on the path to being reunited with their lost, but loved dogs. I can still remember the gut wrench when I found out that the sweet, timid dog I had fostered over the summer had been lost by her adopters 2 days after she went to their home. Missing Dogs Massachusetts was right beside us each step of the way, providing guidance on how personalities of lost dogs change, how to raise awareness in the neighborhood on how not to approach her or call out to her when seen and how to trap her. The search for this gal was stressful and caused a lot of sleepless nights. Without MDM her current situation, living in a loving home, likely would have ended much differently."

"When my dog disappeared I felt overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible task of tracking him down. Missing Dogs Massachusetts helped me outline a step by step plan to do just that. And it worked! Through a combination of old fashioned postering and social media blasts about his disappearance we activated the local community to be on the look out. After just a couple helpful leads we knew where to find our dog and we got our little buddy back safe and sound. The help and encouragement offered by Missing Dogs Massachusetts was invaluable. Thanks MDM! You are wonderful!" - Elizabeth P.

"MDM is a truly great organization. I cannot thank them enough for their service to the residents of MA. When our very timid foster (now adopted) dog Edgar got loose, MDM immediately stepped in with guidance. They sent us premade signs to hang throughout the area and came multiple times in person to help with trapping, even making a special larger trap to capture him. Though certainly outside of their calling, they also helped us emotionally throughout the ordeal. To know that this is a non-profit organization staffed with volunteers is amazing. I know the same service in other states costs money. All of their time and successful efforts were done solely to help reunite the pet with family. They all went above and beyond their duties. Special shout-out to Marianne and Deb who helped us throughout; though I am certain that if you are ever in need (and I don't wish that on anyone), any of the volunteers at MDM will do all they can to help you and your pet. If you ever lose a pet, let your local animal control officer know and go to the MDM website for guidance. You do not have to go through the search alone!" - Sherrie M.

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