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What is Missing Dogs Massachusetts?

Missing Dogs Massachusetts (MDM) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that works to reunite missing and found dogs with their families. MDM works cooperatively with animal control officers, rescues, shelters, law enforcement, and the media.


When a canine family member goes missing, panic often sets in, and without direction, a search can seem overwhelming. MDM can provide an owner with no-cost methods to share their dog’s image and information, proven steps to follow, and when necessary and possible, the means and equipment (humane traps & motion- activated cameras), to help bring their lost dog home.

MDM works through social media (Facebook & Twitter) to raise awareness of currently missing dogs, and dogs that have been found and are in search of their family.  Be sure to like MDM on Facebook  and take a direct role in sharing information and raising awareness about lost and found dogs in your area.

Video: Reunions 2022

Education and outreach can help to lessen the number of lost dogs as well as hasten their return home. Working with rescues, new owners and underserved communities, MDM seeks to provide information and tools that will lessen the flow of “found” dogs that make their way into an already crowded shelter system.  Loss Prevention education plays a vital role in keeping dogs safe and preventing the heartache, stress and expense of undertaking a lost dog search.

MDM relies solely on the generosity of donors to fund its activities and programs

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