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  • Are tracking dogs an option?
    There are many paid dog tracking services available throughout our geographic area. These services are very expensive and can cost up to $500/day. As with any service, you should be an informed consumer. Inquire as to the success rate of the tracking team that will be handling your case. Will they provide references to both satisfied and unsatisfied users? What services will they provide and at what cost? Is the dog trained to track a ground or air scent, or a scent item? Are they insured? Determine what steps will be taken to bring your dog home. Will the tracker be with you through the end of the search? Will they provide equipment (cameras & traps)? Will they monitor the equipment? Will they charge for the use of this equipment? If you are not satisfied with the services that are provided, do they have a refund policy? Does the possibility exist that your frightened dog may be pushed out of an area if they feel pursued by a tracking dog? MDM understands that an owner after giving due consideration may decide to contract with a dog tracker. We ask that you please do your homework before making any major expenditure related to your lost dog search. Due to the subjective nature of tracking outcomes, MDM cannot endorse any particular service or provider.
  • Why not to call out or chase a lost dog?
    When a dog is lost and in flight mode, its brain does not slow down long enough to recognize that the “scary noise” that it hears belongs to its beloved owner or companion. We have seen many a lost dog run when called to, even by his/her owner. We suggest walking quietly with a slip leash and stinky treats in hand. If the lost dog is seen, remain quiet, get down on the ground (do not make eye contact) and toss stinky treats his/her way. This gives the dog the opportunity to recognize your scent and realize that you are friend and not foe.
  • If I witness or suspect an instance of animal cruelty, what should I do?
    Such cases should immediately be reported to either of the following agencies: Animal Rescue League of Boston or the MSPCA. If you see something, say something. MDM is not a law enforcement agency and is unable to provide legal advice or investigative services.
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