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Found a Dog?

Steps to Reunite a Found Dog with its Owner

  • Immediately contact your local Police/Animal Control (required by law).  This dog may already have been reported to them as missing.  If the dog’s appearance is alarming - do not assume that he/she has been neglected.  A dog that has been missing for any length of time can quickly become dirty, matted & thin.

  • If the Dog is wearing a tag, call the number on the tag. If there is no ID tag, but there is a rabies tag or a town license, call the number of the town clerk’s office or the veterinary practice that administered the vaccine – they should have a record of the dog’s owner.

  • If the dog is not wearing any tags, take the pet to the closest shelter, vet, or animal control agency, and ask them to do a full body scan with a Universal scanner.

    If the dog is chipped, and the chip is registered, the individual conducting the scan will be able to secure the contact information for the owner.


  • Take the dog for a walk (on a secure leash) throughout the area in which it was found. He/she may lead you back home.  Be sure to ask homeowners in the vicinity if they recognize the dog.

  • Create and post simple “Found Dog” flyers in the area in which the dog was found.  The flyer should contain a clear/ large photo and giant lettering/contact information so that it may be viewed from a passing vehicle.

  • Use the internet to search for postings for the found dog.  Review both “Lost & Found” and “Pets” category on your local Craigslist.  Create posts (with photo) and place them in those categories as well.

  • Fill out the MDM Found Dog Form so that we can create a post to share for you on our FB page. 

found dog image.webp

MDM Found Dog Form

Be sure to provide all requested information as well as a clear/current photo in .jpg format so that a flyer may be created and posted to our Facebook page. Failure to provide all requested information will result in a delay in getting your post on the page.

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